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July 24, 2017





Board Members & Guides


Brian Reynolds,
Board Member & Trip Leader

Brian, a veteran Middle Fork Guide, co-founded WSE in 2000 with fellow alternative school teacher, Ralf Provant. Brian laid the groundwork for WSE, and his influence is seen throughout our program. Brian is a natural storyteller and outdoorsman, and he is a tremendous role model for our participants.


Dick Jordan,

Dick is the former chair of the Timberline High School science department and current director of LifeOutdoors. As a winner of numerous teaching awards, Dick inspires his students to apply what they learn in the classroom to tackle real world environmental problems.

On WSE trips, Dick is a combination of the Crocodile Hunter, the guy from Monster Fish, and with a little bit of Thoreau thrown in.


Jonathan Ostrow


Jessika Rose,
Trip Leader

Jessika is a teacher, trout slayer, and overall dynamo. Her positive energy lights up the trips that she's on.


Pat Rose, Trip Leader

Fly fisherman, paddle captain, trip leader, kid magnet......Pat's got it all covered. Off the river, Pat and his wife Jessika, a fellow teacher, just go go go.


KC 'Nute' Davis,
Board Member & Trip Leader

A veteran raft guide, Nute brings a wealth of experience and good stories to WSE. He has the wingspan of an albatross, and he rows the gearboat effortlessly.

Leslie Freeman,
Executive Director & Trip Leader

Leslie was on WSE's first trip ever--a mix of french foreign exchange students and alternative school kids, and she has been around ever since. When WSE co-founder Ralf Provant moved to DC, she stepped in as executive director, learning a lot about insurance, special use permits, grant writing and raft gear along the way.


Lucas Morse,

We first met Lucas on a Whitney Community Center raft trip and knew we wanted him to be part of the WSE crew.


Jen Compton,
Trip Leader

Jen is a wicked good paddle captain and is a great addition to any river camp. When not on the river, she teaches art at Borah High School in Boise or can be found adventuring somewhere on the globe.


Josh Headrick,
Guide in Training Coordinator

Josh Headrick's enthusiasm and never ending supply of gummy worms make him a popular presence in camp. WSE is looking forward to having Josh on the sticks for us this summer.


Mike Compton

Well, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, and we are very lucky to have Jen and her dad, Mike Compton, on the river with us. The man has some great moves both in the rapids on on the dance floor.



After being a chaperone on a trip with the Boys and Girls Club, Shannon was hooked. The river trips combine her passion for working with at risk youth and her love of nature. Off river you won't catch her very far from her dog Lucy!